Thursday, September 18, 2008

My first "job"

Not sure how else to title it, it wasn't a job since I refused to let them pay me. I guess I should say my first time going somewhere specifically to take pictures of someone else's child. There that works. I learned a lot there, and I would have done a lot different. Not my best stuff.

First off 5:30 the sun is at a bad spot, and the shade it too dark! A lot of my pictures were at 1600 ISO YIKES! Also since it was darker I need more light, all the light I could get so I had my F stop the lowest it would go, trying to keep my shutter speed reasonable for a fast little 2 year old sweetheart. Yeah not working really well. Since she was running around and I had a high aperture the ones which she was far away were no where near as crisp as I would have liked. I was tempted to throw it into auto. I also thought I wouldn't bother with a reflector, but if I ever take pictures at that time again, I will bring one, for sure. Hopefully they liked them well enough. I do not think they are my very best, but with such a cute subject you kind of can't go wrong!

F5.6 SS 1/125 800 ISO

the same settings

this one I didn't have enough time to drop the ISO as she ran into the light so I quickly thumbed my shutter speed up high enough so it wouldn't be over exposed. Most definitely should have could have been 800 ISO
F5.6 SS1/320 1600 ISO

I really love this one, a cute little moment between dad, and his girl
F5.6 SS 1/100 1600 ISO

Yet another one where I didn't have time to drop the ISO, taken right after that same picture above
F5.6 SS 1/320 1600 ISO

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brad&sav said...

i think you did a really good job! you are purely a professional! are these the pics you were going to take that saturday we had lunch? they are really cute!!!!