Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am in love with light room

Hands down favorite editing program, I wish I would have found it sooner!
SS 1/250 f 5.6 400 ISO


The Zickgraf Family Circus said...

K, I'm loving this blog since I want to start a photography kick myself. A few questions:
Do you have to have photoshop to use lightroom?
What kind of camera do you have?
Where are you taking your class? How did you find it? Community college?
If you don't already have it email me at tasheena at gmail dot com.

Jill said...

You do not need photo shop to have light room. I have a Nikon D60. I am not taking any classes. I did take a seminar that was 4 hours down in SLC. I found the info on in the classified. It was pretty basic just went over how to shoot in manual. If you want to save money, and make a trek down here I would be more than happy to show you. What I learned there was fairly basic so I am not sure I would spend the money on it again. Other than the class I have just been reading up, and messing around. I will email you too in case you do not look back here, but I figure I would answer here as well in case anyone else was curious.

brad&sav said...

wow! that makes a huge difference! i want it! do you just download it off the internet or do you have to buy it at the store??? i am excited to see you on saturday!

Jill said...

You can download a free trial, then you can purchase off the internet or a store. Jordan has a website where he can get it for a better deal, so if you end up liking it let me know so I can save you $200.

Here is the link..
I can't wait to see you on Saturday!