Saturday, August 2, 2008

Woo Hoo I am a model!

I think that is a fitting caption for this picture. I went to a photography seminar today and it was fun. The models we worked with were very nice and sweet, and I have no idea how they do it. There was a crowd of people just standing around them taking pictures as they posed.

This picture was taken with speedlights which were fun and confusing to work with. The person putting on the seminar actually has another seminar dedicated to lighting, so when we went out to use speedlighting he quickly set it up, and gave us a brief 30 second run down. If you see the shadow you will understand that with out speedlighting she would have appeared VERY dark next to a bright sky. The speedlight is like a detach flash set up where ever you want to make it so your focal point is illuminated against this very very very bright sky (blinding it was killing me). We only had a small frame of time to take our picture with a line of other people waiting. I am SO bummed because I didn't get one single one I really like. If you have worked with speedlighting *which I can say I have for 2 minutes now haha* then you know your light meter is of no use at all. I set my shutter speed at about 1/125 and nothing faster or else my flash from the speed light would not be let in. So then you look on your light meter and your mind boogling overly exposed. You just have to test it out, and try again, setting the flash speed at various intensities, changing your aperture, moving your model or your speedlighting around. Now all of this I had to in a matter of minutes because there is other people waiting for a turn. I took a few and was on my way. I was focusing so much on so many other things in such a small fraction of time I didn't think too much of about my composition. Unable to move the speedlighting too far, since other students were using it at the same time, I could do nothing about the people in the background. Well I decided oh well they are there, and went on trying to figure out how to best expose my shot, and quickly at that. It didn't ever occur to me that there is a lady peaking through the models legs. It drives me crazy.

Even though none of my pictures turned out super wonderful it was really fun to play around.
There was a really nice girl there that I was talking to through the seminar. We walk up to meet everyone together and passed this lady drink coffee, we both glanced at her no big deal. I was talking to this girl and you could tell she was ignoring me. She looked at me and said "sorry I am not even really listening to you, lets go over here". We walked a bit away from the lady drinking coffee that we had casually glanced at. The girl said "did you not hear her she was totally cussing us out calling us fing b words!". I guess she was pretty mad, and screaming. Another girl walked up to us and asked us what happened why that lady was yelling profanities at us. I had to laugh that I never heard her. I think I have grown a great talent for blocking out tempter tantrums!

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