Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waterfall and river

SS 2 f/14 100 ISO
I really like the first one, the second one I like but not as well. When I took these was on the side of the canyon road with truck cruising by me a million miles an hour. Even though I had a tripod quite a few ended up with camera shake from the cars and trucks zooming by. I took a couple pictures and I was out of there, I didn't want to get ran over. Right as I ran back to the van Jordan said "you made it just in time two trucks just came by too fast (it was by a curve) and went onto the shoulder (right where I was standing)". YIKES! I am glad I went though, I really wanted to try smooth water on a slow shutter speed.

On a unrelated to river note my first photography classes are this Saturday, they were free with my camera so lets see if they will even be any good. If not I plan on taking some through the adult ed courses at the university (read non-school credit therefore cheep). I also want to take some photo shop classes as well. I have been having fun playing around but I would really like to know what I am doing!


brad&sav said...

jill, you are so dang talented! i need to take up some hobbies. i have always wanted to try photography. what kind of camera are you using? just a digital or a fancy one?

wilson said...

I always thought you could capture beautiful pictures! What a great hobby to take up!